The Covid Crisis Is Not Just a Healthcare Crisis.

It is a serious business crisis as all of you know by now. The masks and gloves won’t protect you from losing your most valuable assets (your sales team) during this chaotic time. You need to be proactive in heading that off at the pass with a Crisis Sales Compensation Plan for the transition back to whatever our new “normal” will be.

Besides being a Fractional VP of Sales and running an entire sales organization and team, I am also a Sales Compensation Expert who can help you draft the right interim plan for those who depend on company revenue for much of their income. There is a high degree of urgency to get this done before the morale sags and they tune up their resumes. It puts both the management and the company in a much more positive light to have thought of it and taken action before they have to ask for relief.

Connect with me now to craft the best solution to get you to the next phase, and not lose the sales team you have invested so much in already. Call me at 925.487.1970, email me at, or use the link below to schedule a meeting that suits your schedule.