Need an Effective Sales Plan? Dallas Fort Worth Area Sales Consultant Can Help.


If you’re looking to outsource sales leadership and need a Dallas Fort Worth Area sales management consultant who can help you move your company sales strategy forward, ask about the SX Genesis Sales Plan.

The Genesis Sales Plan is comprehensive and gives you everything you need to build your ideal sales infrastructure, manage your sales team effectively and hire the best salespeople for your company. Your Genesis Sales Plan will consist of actionable, prioritized steps to help you drastically improved your sales productivity.

Why do our clients choose the Genesis Sales Plan? Every client wants to improve their sales organization, but many lack the experience, time and resources necessary to do so. We provide you with the help needed to grasp the nature of the issues at hand and the insight to fix them. Read about the Problems We Solve

If any of this describes your situation, the Genesis Sales Plan by Sales Xceleration may be for you. The Genesis Sales Plan can provide you with a specific sales business plan with prioritized steps and suggestions that will best help you grow your sales organization.

Sales Strategy

  • Customer targeting
  • Decision maker targeting by role
  • Defining ideal referral partners
  • Value proposition and differentiation points
  • Prospecting strategy

Sales Process

  • Defining sales stages
  • Questions to ask at every stage of sales
  • Necessary sales tools
  • Requirements to move to the next stage of sales
  • Each team member’s job responsibilities

Sales Management

  • Tools for sales forecasting
  • Customized pipeline management tools
  • Needs for sales training
  • Sales metrics necessary to achieve revenue goals
  • Customized sales force automation (CRM recommendations)

Hiring Plan

  • Sales job descriptions
  • Sales profiles for necessary resources
  • Sales quotas, if applicable
  • Customized compensation plan
  • Quota worksheets for sales rep payments

Look to the Genesis Sales Plan to provide you with exactly what you need to grow your sales organization. You get a detailed business plan for your sales department, with prioritized action steps and recommendations on how to improve your organization’s sales performance.

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“Don did a great job for us at Blue Diamond Attachments. I was very impressed with his ideas and insight on structuring a new comp plan for our sales T.E.A.M. but I was totally blown away with how thorough he was when it came to figuring out the details and reviewing the numbers. He provided us with a workable plan and a structure that included job descriptions, employment contracts, comparative salary market benchmarks, competitive insight, KPIs and a commission structure that excited the sales T.E.A.M. The quarterly business review template that he used in doing a business review will help us out immensely in the future. All and all, I believe Don’s fees were money well spent. What he accomplished in a few months saved us at least a year’s worth of trial and error. We are planning to use his services again in the future.”

Michael Koehler, Blue Diamond Attachments