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Reviews of Don McMahan: Leadership, Professionalism, Effectiveness


Don receiving AIIM Award in 2009

In Their Own Words…

“Don’s thorough analysis of trends, processes and skill sets of individual team members resulted in significant improvements to the enterprise team. We appreciated Don’s high level sale leadership skills.” Bill Pollock, Chief Operating Officer, 

“A channel expert who understands the fundamentals of multi-tier sales management. Following two years of under-performance, we searched to find a senior sales executive to jump start our imaging business and found that person in Don. He revamped our culture into a PERFORMANCE DRIVEN and CUSTOMER FOCUSED business which then provided growth for Kodak in the north America market for years to come.” Kevin M. Joyce, Managing Director North America, Eastman Kodak

“One of Don’s core strengths is the ability to recruit, train, organize and motivate winning sales teams. He also has that unique ability to build creative, disruptive sales and channel strategies and the skill to operationalize the actions to deliver success with those plans. He is truly the complete VP of Sales, who can create the vision, the strategy and the detailed processes to deliver growth. He is well known as both a channel expert and a compensation expert with plans that motivate both partners and sales teams to growth and success.” Walt Thinfen, President & CEO of Visioneer Inc.

“It was a pleasure to work with a senior manager of the caliber of Mr. McMahan. In a short period we on the international team were very impressed with both the level of professionalism and structure he brought to the company, the flurry of activity based around sound business practices and metrics, not only for the U.S. team but for the global teams as well. A bold manager, a leader, with impeccable business acumen, and not afraid to be candid with the truth, and totally committed to the success of the overall organization. A fun guy to work with as well. My sincere recommendation for Don wherever he may go.” —Robert Young, Regional Manager – Australasia, Pingar, worked with Don at Pingar

“Don is a master of sales and sales management. He has held several VP positions in the industry which I cover as an analyst and has always driven change and growth. Don is a tireless worker who is not afraid to break new ground while also relying on tried and true techniques like strong relationship building. Don should prove an asset as a sales professional to any organization he works with.”

—Ralph Gammon, Publisher, RMG Enterprises

“The business of doing business involves analysis, precision, and repeatable processes. Don knows how to run start-up and established businesses, he understands process, and how to keep the wheels moving in a direction that is up and to the right. He knows how to build a team, implement the right tools, and make those tools useful. I really like how Don is data and performance driven, an approach that is lacking in many organizations.”

—Chris Riley, VP Marketing, Pingar, reported to Don at Pingar as well as Visioneer