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We combine deep sales management experience with proven systems and processes to position companies like yours for record-breaking revenue.

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Sales Xceleration Framework

Our comprehensive Framework gives you everything you need to build your ideal sales infrastructure, manage your sales team effectively, and hire the best salespeople for your company.

Sales Management

Equip your start-up or established company with a high-impact sales culture that focuses on core competencies and higher priority tasks. We run your sales, you run your business.

Sales Infrastructure

An action plan to improve sales at every step, including sales strategy, sales processes, and the tools you need to manage your team and pipeline. Optional assessment of your team to develop a hiring plan.

Sales Compensation

A review of your current compensation structure, performance and personnel performance to provide benchmarking for your industry and geography to deliver a plan for growth.

See how your company stacks up on the quick and easy sales scorecard.

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Sales Consultant Don McMahan, CSL

  • Certified Sales Leader, trainer
  • Recognized sales leader and team builder
  • Background in both large and small companies
  • Experience with start-ups and established firms
  • Multiple awards for performance success

Client Testimonials

“A bold manager, a leader, with impeccable business acumen, and not afraid to be candid with the truth, and totally committed to the success of the overall organization. A fun guy to work with as well. My sincere recommendation for Don wherever he may go.”
Robert Young
Regional Manager, Pingar, Australasia
“Don’s thorough analysis of trends, processes and skill sets of individual team members resulted in significant improvements to the enterprise team. We appreciated Don’s high level sale leadership skills.”
Bill Pollock
Chief Operating Officer, Sonic.Net
“Don is a master of sales and sales management. He has held several VP positions in the industry which I cover as an analyst and has always driven change and growth. Don is a tireless worker who is not afraid to break new ground while also relying on tried and true techniques like strong relationship building.”
Ralph Gammon
Publisher, RMG Enterprises

Sales Problems
We Solve

We combine deep sales management experience with proven systems and processes to position companies like yours for record-breaking revenue.

As the business owner, you have worked hard to grow your company to its current level. Yet, taking it to the next level of growth may require specialized experience that you don’t currently have on your team. If revenue isn’t meeting your expectations, or if you need temporary help as you seek a permanent chief sales executive, FlyCloud Consulting can help. We provide consulting, sales planning and hands-on sales leadership to help you reach the next level.

FlyCloud principal Don McMahan has over 25 years of executive sales leadership experience. Don has hired and managed successful sales teams, prepared compensation plans and built the systems and processes necessary to help companies like yours reach its goals.

Do You Struggle with Any of These Common Problems in Sales?

FlyCloud Consulting Will Work with You to: