We Take the Guesswork Out of Hiring the Right Sales Candidate

Hire the Right Candidate the First Time. Guaranteed.

Amplify Recruiting is Sales Xceleration’s exclusive sales recruiting company. Our team has extensive experience in sales and sales leadership, so we know how to enhance your organization. When you work with us you leverage the strongest, most customized sales talent acquisition team possible to find your perfect sales candidate.

Dedicated Team

Your team will include a Talent Manager, Researcher, and Recruiter. You will receive regular, consistent, and transparent communication on the status of each candidate at every step of the process.

Peace of Mind

Our hiring experts conduct thorough discovery and research to take the frustration out of hiring so you can feel confident, hopeful, and excited about your business’s future.

Guaranteed Hire

A 5-Step Hiring Approach ensures candidates are vetted for the skills and experience each position requires. Amplify Recruiting will place the right candidate in your open position the FIRST time. Guaranteed.

How We Vet Your Candidates

We have created an in-depth process where we provide each client with a dedicated talent manager who works with your organization and your Outsourced VP of Sales to create the ideal candidate profile for the position(s) you want to fill. A talent manager will interview top sales performers within your organization to create a baseline for finding similar candidates. We perform the first round of interviews before passing through any potential candidates. This process allows us to provide and receive feedback to find the ideal candidate based on your unique profile.

Your dedicated talent resource will spend 1.5-2 hours with each candidate conducting a customized behavioral assessment to reveal both their behavioral profile and sales skill set, including simulation evaluations of key components of the position. Additionally, Breakaway provides three qualified candidates per position and does so within a few weeks of receiving the request.

If you are having trouble filling your sales and marketing positions with quality candidates, we can assist!

We also fill other key management positions including COOs, so check with us for any positions you may need to fill, anywhere in the U.S.

We have dedicated teams from coast to coast and may be able to solve your hiring challenges outside of the sales department.

Let Breakaway Sales Recruiting fill your open sales and key management roles.

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