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Sales Xceleration Framework

Our comprehensive Framework gives you everything you need to build your ideal sales infrastructure, manage your sales team effectively, and hire the best salespeople for your company.

Sales Management

Equip your start-up or established company with a high-impact sales culture that focuses on core competencies and higher priority tasks. We run your sales, you run your business.

Sales Infrastructure

An action plan to improve sales at every step, including sales strategy, sales processes, and the tools you need to manage your team and pipeline. Optional assessment of your team to develop a hiring plan.

Sales Compensation

A review of your current compensation structure, performance and personnel performance to provide benchmarking for your industry and geography to deliver a plan for growth.

Sales Team

First, an assessment of the team’s skills to identify gaps and develop an action plan. Then we coach, train, certify and find new team members, as needed.

Quality of Sales™

An in-depth sales due diligence analysis and report that helps business owners and investors make profit-aligned decisions when buying or selling a company, including the viability to drive consistent growth.

Sales Playbook

A custom plan developed for your team that couples the information provided with the power of AI to create your strategy, methodology and processes for sales success.

Amplify Sales Recruiting

We take the stress out of talent searches by using our sales leadership experience to know what type of salesperson you need for your team.

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