Investment Sales Analysis: Due Diligence Tool to Evaluate Key Sales Drivers

Whether you are Buying or Selling a Business…

The due diligence process of understanding a company’s strengths and weaknesses is critical prior to investment or sale. Sales Xceleration’s Investment Sales Analysis℠ (ISA) service provides an in-depth evaluation of 16 key sales drivers to determine current sales infrastructure, and identify the business’s buy-cycle stage based on actual revenue.

Eliminate Surprises

Sales Xceleration’s Investment Sales Analysis empowers business owners and investors with an objective evaluation of key sales infrastructure components – disclosing how exposed a business is to experience leading or lagging sales growth.

Investment Sales Analysis is Composed of the Following:

  • A graphical “heat map” of the current status of 16 critical sales drivers (see example above)
  • An executive summary with expert recommendations on investment risk and opportunity
  • A detailed breakdown of the critical sales drivers

Common Surprises Include:

  • A company can’t scale according to projections / expectations
  • Uncovering the sales group isn’t capable of achieving desired results
  • Building projections around the current book of business and sales pipeline to find it’s not suitable to support the purchase
  • Not having clear line of sight into how sales is adversely affecting business operations
  • Determining an inefficient sales system won’t allow the company to be ready for purchase or acquisition

Companies Move Forward With Investment Sales Analysis to:

  • Uncover hidden “hurdles” not typically found via the traditional due diligence process
  • Gain insight from the nation’s most experienced VPs of Sales
  • Decipher between typically arbitrary/optimistic opinions on existing revenue base and future opportunity pipeline – verify what is factual
  • Assess the % likelihood of closing new business as reported in the pipeline
  • Strengthen negotiating position
  • Ascertain opportunities for sales growth
  • Acquire deeper sales analysis to assist in making a decision on whether an investment is sound

Why Choose a Sales Xceleration Consultant to Conduct Your Sales Analysis?

As experts in creating sales teams, implementing sales infrastructure and breaking all-time sales records in SMB, Sales
Xceleration leads the industry in analyzing a business’s growth trajectory.

“I have worked with Don directly and indirectly for more than 12 years and have seen him as one of those rare sales leaders who can not only develop the grand strategy, but is also adept at operationalizing those strategies into the day to day tactics to drive sales growth. He is exceptional at identifying, recruiting and managing sales teams and is also very metric driven.

He is also a sales compensation expert, the engine in any sales organization. His deep background across both small and large enterprises brings an enormous body of expertise to any company who wants to grow and prosper. I would recommend Don to any companies facing the challenges of sales teams, compensation and sales structure to take their business to the next level.”

Walt Thinfen, CEO Visioneer, Inc.