How do you find – and keep – the right people for your team? According to bay area staffing company Nelson Recruiting’s 2020 Advisor & Salary Guide, this is top of mind for most bay area employers, especially with unemployment at record lows of 2.9% to under 2% in some counties. This annual survey was taken in October 2019 with more than 500 interviews from key employers and decision makers is probably telling you what you already know: finding good people in many positions is just tough these days.

The Right Team for Growth and Goals

As a 30+ year veteran as VP of Sales for companies large and small, there is nothing as important as having the right team to hit the growth goals you want and need. As an Outsourced VP of Sales, providing fractional senior sales management to companies from high tech to low tech, and even no- tech manufacturing, putting the best team on the field is essential to your success.

I discovered the secret to sales success years ago, before the job market was as tight as it is today. I painfully learned that I could not make “A” players out of “C” players, no matter how hard I tried. And since Nelson reports that the second top concern for business owners is employee retention, it backs up my career-long experience that turnover is extremely costly to an organization. So I became a student of some key skills that included sales compensation and recruiting.

Every Great Team Needs a Great Coach

Now I am an expert in evaluating your current sales compensation, improving it or creating a new one that will do three important things for your company.

  1. Attract and retain the talent you need.
  2. Keep the finance department from jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge.
  3. Drive the specific behaviors you need to be strategically successful.

Delivering a masterpiece of a compensation plan is not enough, though. You do not want to waste the higher wages you are sure to be paying in this market on a team that can’t make the playoffs. That is why I evaluate the current team with a magnifying glass and some forensic tools just for salespeople I have honed over the years, and I recruit only the best. I add process, accountability and metrics, then design a strategic sales plan to get you to where you want to be.

For recruiting, I am pleased to announce our new subsidiary called Breakaway Sales Recruiting from my national partner, Sales Xceleration. This team has been doing this nationwide for more than 25 years and has it down to a science, providing incredible talent for a flat rate that is often half the cost of a typical recruiter. We can also fill marketing and other management positions with a dotted line to sales, so contact me if the next rockstar you are looking for is a sales rep or a VP.

2020 will be a great year for those who have built the right team and know how to motivate, manage and retain them for the years ahead. If you are ready, let’s connect.