5 Critical Local SEO Tasks to Do Right Now-Part 3 in Our 4 Part Marketing Series

Introduction by Don McMahan, Outsourced VP of Sales at FlyCloud Consulting, Inc.   The importance of SEO in any sales and marketing system cannot be overemphasized. How many companies suffer from just never being found? Great solutions and products are going nowhere if your prospects cannot find you. I have known Jaco and his BroadVision team […]

Why Does Usability Matter for Websites and Apps? (Part 2 of a 4 Part Marketing Series)

Introduction by Don McMahan, Outsourced VP of Sales, Flycloud Consulting, Inc. This week’s marketing series guest blogger is “usability” expert and friend Cindi Hazel who is the CEO of Highdive, a web marketing company focused on how effective your website actually is to your customers. (what a novel idea). Cindi’s firm uses customer engaged testing and tools […]